Takeshi's Marathon

I had a huge night on Saturday, it was really awesome... but what made it even better was I got to recover on Sunday with a Takeshi's marathon!!

It only went for 3 hours but that was cool, I did get so see some funny shit, as usual.

Don't know if anyone else watched it but my favourite contestant would have to be the dude that did a little dance before he attempted any game. It was made even better when he danced after he completed them too... like after he landed on the platform in poles apart and also after he made it across "the bridge over the river y" in bridge ball. Man that guy cracked me up something fierce.

Laughing is good when you have a hangover...apparently!
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Hey All!

I'm definately a Keshi-head. I first watched the show years ago when living in Australia. I'm currently living in London and stumbled upon it again bout a month ago now. I've got my whole house addicted to it!

Man I just love everything about it!!
I would like to see someone actually win though.
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david villa


Hey, I'm Jaz! I'm a huge fan of Takeshi's Castle because its uber funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Other interests of mine include...Tekken, Hwoarang, Jin, Buffy the Vampire Slayer...The OC...roleplaying...

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Well, as we UK viewers have now been able to watched Takeshi's MXC as well as the traditional Takeshi's Castle for a few weeks now on Challenge, how have people found it?

So far, I've been fairly disappointed; While there is some new footage (the in-between interview parts with Takeshi and the guards/contestants), it's pretty much the same shows we've been seeing on Takeshi's Castle, just with different commentators. I've got to admit that I prefer Craig Charles' commentary more, but then again, that could just be because I prefer wry, dry British wit to the more American-style humour. Still, as it's the same clips as I've seen before, it's still just as amusing and entertaining, if only in a slightly different brand of wrapping paper.

Any thoughts, keshi-heads?
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Soji and Shu's dog


Just joined the community. It has been a horrific week. Haven't been able to watch Takeshi's Castle. Bloody disgracful if I do say so myself. It's the best show on the box early morning before I go to the hellhole. However I would really, really love to see General Lee fall into the drink. An Emerald Guard, time for the general to go.

And why does the CSI that is on tonight not look like the season finale?

Just out of curiosity; any Project Zero or Silent Hill fans here? I just love those series.
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It's been ages since I last did an update, so here we are;

The Summer break has provided me with ample time to catch up on the hilarities of Takeshi's Castle, and I can honestly say that after nine months (or so) of being away at university without Sky, and thus Takeshi's, that it's good to be home. *grins*

Currently enjoying the run of 'Specials' that seems to be on, like the International, Beach and Parent 'N' Child - Hopefully they'll put on the winter ones sometime soon: To say it was one of the highlights of my Christmas would be an understatement...

See y'all soon, Keshi-heads;

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I don't know if you've watched any of "Jamie's School Dinners" - but I was appalled. This is the website where you can sign a petition, which is to be presented to Tony Blair next week, to improve the food served in schools. At the moment, the Government spends about 37p per child on school dinners, and this equates to shit that you wouldn't give a dog, resulting in serious health problems both immediate and in the kids' futures.

I haven't really been one for jumping on bandwagons, but this shit's important.